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Niina H. Halvorsen
Illustrated by Evgeniya Shermergorn

Noah is a 5-year-old boy with a little bunny rabbit and a big brother, Emil. He is feeling sad and gloomy. Follow Noah on his journey to find happiness. Count the blessings together and see how happiness can be found all around us - you will see!

Happiness grows from gratitude and counting our blessings. ‘Feeling Happy’ teaches a powerful tool for our little readers and supports their emotional awareness and growth. 

The profits of the sales from "Feeling Happy" go to WATOTO Childcare Ministries and their orphanage in Kampala, Uganda. Learn more about WATOTO at

FEELING HAPPY will be launched on Thursday 5th of November at 5pm CET time on Amazon!


“My heart was filled with joy when I read FEELING HAPPY. I believe it’s all within us! The book offers a gift of happiness to all of us – realizing that it’s ok to feel sad and once we are ready, happiness is in our reach, inside our hearts and all around us!

Dana Bachar-Grossman, Amazon Best Selling Author, Singapore

“A sweet story centered on the healing powers of nature and gratitude. Noah’s heart-warming outdoor journey helps him to slow down enough to allow him to notice and appreciate the beauty and joy that is always around us, if we dare to look!”

Natalie Caudle, Author of Don't Follow Me, Moon! Perth, Australia

"You can't help but smile when you read 'Feeling Happy'! A charming and delightfully illustrated story told through the eyes of a young boy on a journey of reflection. It holds a meaningful message for children and adults alike - even when our hands feel empty, all we have to do is look around us to see the blessings already within our reach."

Catherine Starkey, Early Years Specialist, London, UK

"The story encapsulates the spirit of simplicity, joy, and, finding happiness within one's surroundings. For children, happiness is an abstract concept. The vibrant illustrations invite children to enter into another realm, bringing a sense of familiarity and supporting their growing emotional skills. A well-written narrative that offers children and educators opportunities to boost their emotional literacy. Feeling Happy should be in every early childhood setting!"

Huda Hanapiah, Early Years Educator, Singapore

"The book teaches children beautifully to shift their mindset to appreciate the most essential and important things we have in life."

Aida Hassan, Pre-School Teacher, Vancouver, Canada

"As a pre-school teacher, I value books that capture children's emotions. Being able to acknowledge one's feelings such as being sad is a skill that children are still learning. This book is not afraid to tell its young readers that it is fine to feel sad sometimes, and reminds us all how recognising simple beautiful things lead us back to FEELING HAPPY."

Lara T. Magsaysay, Early Years Educator, Manila, Philippines.




I am a storyteller, eternal day-dreamer and a mother of two lively boys. My littlest one can feel very scared in the evenings and to ease his fears, we snuggle together in my big bed and I tell him short comforting bedtime stories – stories about 5-year-old Noah, his little bunny rabbit and big brother, Emil.

It’s been my dream to document some of my most beloved stories, the ones that I have been asked to tell again and again. ‘Feeling Happy’, the story that helped my little boy fall asleep night-after-night, came to life with Evgeniya’s stunning hand-made watercolor illustrations. 

My interest in conscious parenting and in children's emotional growth and well-being has grown through my motherhood. Sometimes I feel that my children are teaching me. It's important to stay humble, open-minded and listen to our little wise ones!

Open Book

"Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic!"

K S Lane, Australia



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